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Three sweet candy blondes in beautiful fuck with painter


A young aspiring artist set a goal to paint a picture, which will depict the bare bodies of three beautiful girls. To this end, he invited the young girls Cali Cobra , Victoria and Rae Black who agreed to pose for him a little bit of the future can be a masterpiece of art. Girls of course the artist chose a very attractive with elegant bodies and pretty face. Placing them in the desired position on the bed, the artist went to work. But no one would have thought that so hard to draw a picture of a burning centimeters copying a young bodies. When a guy came up to one of the girls posing, he would like to expand it a bit for a better angle, but that gentle hands clung to him and did not let go and giving him fantastic blowjob worship. After that, for her example was followed by the other girls. A painter without completing his picture, try a little paint the inner world of their pussies and he really enjoy in group sex.

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